Computer & Technology Classes Online

Learn Technology From Home

Learn Technology from Home

There are plenty of options to learn tech topics and skills at your own pace from a computer or smartphone. The following websites are free tutorials that you can sign up for free.

        Beginning Computer Classes Over 30 courses are available in English and Spanish to hlp you learn basic computer
         and tech skills such as getting started online, cybersecurity, and how to apply for the Affordable Connectivity  

        Mouse and Keyboard

  • Create a free account to learn how to type as well as improve your speed and accuracy.
  • GCFGlobal Mouse Tutorial This hands-on tutorial will teach you how to use the mouse, including lots of hands-on practice and fun games. Perfect for beginners.

        General Tech Skills

  • GCFLearnFree Free tutorials on more than 180 topics! Suitable for beginner and intermediate skill levels on everything from smartphones and computer technology, social media, Microsoft Office, Google Applications, and more.
  • Niche Academy Free tutorials on commonly used library resources such as Hoopla, OverDrive, and more.
  • DigitalLearn Basic computer tutorials for beginners.

        Software Specific

        Spanish/en español

  • GCF Aprende Libre These tutorials are available in Spanish on beginning and intermediate tech topics, from computers to smartphones, tablets, and more.
  • Tech Goes Home: Online Tutorials in English and Spanish Here you will find a collection of online tools to help you Live, Learn, Earn, Word, and Play, along with basic tutorials. You can also find out about available courses.