Legal Forms for Business and Personal Use

                                               Criminal Justice Database
     For researchers who are studying law, law enforcement, or terrorism, training for
     paralegal service, preparing for a career in homeland security, delving into
     forensic science, investigating crime scenes, developing policy, going to
     court, writing sociological reports, and much more. The Criminal Justice makes  
     research easy by bringing together information from more than 250 journals.

        Insurance and Liability Database
          Provides access to academic journals and trade publications covering the 
          insurance industry and topics such as labor relations, mortgage banking, legal 
          issues, and more. The database offers content of interest to individual
          property owners and multinational corporations alike.

         Massachusetts Legal Forms (Gale)
         Gale LegalForms offers a wide selection of essential state-specific (and multi-
         state) legal forms that may be customized for the most common legal procedures.
         These forms are used by attorneys and law firms. Includes real estate contracts, 
         wills, premarital agreements, bankruptcy, divorce, landlord tenant, and many
                                                            others.                Massachusetts Legal Forms by
                 Subject from the State of Massachusetts
                      The Trial Court Law Libraries have compiled this list of Massachusetts legal forms
                      available online for no charge.