Mission Statement, Goals & Service Priorities

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Mission Statement

South Hadley Public Library serves as a safe community gathering space where all library patrons are welcomed with dignity and respect. The library’s collections, programs, and services will reflect both the town of South Hadley and the world at large. The library will collaborate with community partners to provide a comfortable environment that is reflective and responsive to the recreational, educational, and cultural needs of our library users.

Goals & Service Priorities

  • Celebrate Diversity: Cultural awareness. Residents will have programs and services that promote appreciation and understanding of their personal heritage and the heritage of others in the community.
  • Create Young Readers: Early literacy. Children from birth to age five will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen.
  • Know Your Community: Community resources and services. Residents will have a central source for information about the wide variety of programs, services, and activities provided by community agencies and organizations.
  • Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong learning. Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives
  • Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and virtual spaces. Residents will have safe and welcoming physical places to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support networking.