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Adult Programs

February and Upcoming Programs 2021

Adult Programs

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February 2021 Programs

“Postcards from the Borderland”
Wednesday, February 24 at 6:30 PM EST on Zoom.

Join historian and journalist David Mould on a journey to borders, both real and imagined. In his latest book on travel, history and culture, Postcards from the Borderlands, David explores the meaning of borders. Are they simply political and geographical, marked by posts, walls and fences, or should we think of them more broadly? Some borders, set by surveys and treaties, take no account of geography, language, and culture. There are borders within countries—physical, economic, or social. And finally there are the borders of our minds—the way we may think of unfamiliar places. Sign up Here:

March 2021 Upcoming Program

March Crafts

St. Patricks Coasters   

Sign Up Here    All Materials Provided. Pick up in Lobby.

Shamrock Coaster Wooden     Full Set of Shamrock Coasters 4 of them

A Year of Self Care Project:
So it's been one heck of a year. So the library will be offering a monthly self-care project to help us ease our minds and bodies. Your souls are up to you. :)  By the end of the year you will have a basket full of goodies to go back to to help make yourself feel better. Each month will be a different craft project that you can sign up for one month in advance.
March Self-Care Project:
No Sew Heat Pads. Or Sign Up Here -->
Wed. March 3 at 6:30 PM EST via Zoom
This program is presented by Ehris and Urban & Velya Urban. 
You can discover a lot about women in history by how much cleavage was showing, and the era’s most desirable breast shape. While it can be argued that a bra is a necessity—­­not an accessory—one of the best feelings at the end of the day is to release ourselves. One thing’s for certain: the American Woman is still waiting for her ideal brassiere!
Join Ehris and Velya for an uplifting look at the history of the bra in America!
Sat. March 6 @ 11 AM EST via Zoom

Increasingly women's stories are being shared, but their own distinct voices remain missing or difficult to access. Desiree Smelcer will host a lively conversation with Pauline Weger and Alicia Williamson, PhD, co-authors of BRAVELY, a curated collection of stories and sourced quotations from trailblazing American women representing history through today.We'll discuss why capturing women's own words is vital to changing national conversations, how overlooked voices are inspiring today’s up-and-comers, and what makes a quotation resonate with modern audiences. Pauline, a social entrepreneur and inventor, and Alicia, a former university professor of women’s studies, have spent the past five years conducting original research and writing about women’s voices. Their work is published in three books as well as digitally on, a patented tech platform they envisioned and created.

This virtual event is sponsored by Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley where Bravely and the companion guided journal are available to purchase.

Wed., March 10 at 6:30 PM EST
Sponsored by the South Hadley Cultural Council

This program, as the name suggests, uses laughter to help alleviate stress on the body and mind. It will help promote mental health will also create support to strengthen the immune system. This program is by Trevor Smith who has over 15 years of experience as a Therapeutic Specialist and Mental Health Practitioner, and 10 years of experience running and leading Laughter Wellness programs. He is a Certified Laughter Leader, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and Applied Improvational Trainer, and holds two Master’s Degrees in Counseling Psychology and the other in Therapeutic Recreation. Sign Up Here:

Wed. March 17 at 6:30 PM EST

An Author Talk with author Richard “Deej” Webb who will discuss his book Boats Against the Current. Deej will chat about his book and do a live reading then take questions from viewers. Boats Against the Current tells the real story behind the famous novel and its tragic hero, debunking the long-held belief that the book was solely inspired by the Fitzgerald's time in Great Neck, across the Sound in Long Island, and lays out enough information about the fascinating Mr. Lewis that it is difficult not to believe that author Webb has located the true inspiration for one of the most captivating and iconic characters in American literature, the great Gatsby himself. Illustrated with a fantastic array of never-before-seen photos from the Lewis family, as well as the scrapbooks of the Fitzgeralds, period newspaper clippings, and a myriad of compelling stories about Scott, Zelda and their fantastically wealthy neighbor. A companion book to the documentary Gatsby in Connecticut: The Untold Story, Boats Against the Current also recounts Webb's own journey of making the film with fellow Westporter and filmmaker, Robert Steven Williams. Sign Up Here:

Zoom Program: Declutter and Organize Your Closet

Wed., March 31 at 6:30 PM.

Intimidated by the idea of pulling everything out of your closet? Have no fear, we’ll use a minimal mess technique that allows you to declutter your closet without worrying about ending the night with your bed hidden by a pile of clothing you still need to sort through.
​Set up your device near your closet (you don’t need to aim the camera into your closet) and get guided through the process of creating a closet that makes getting dressed take less time with less stress. We’ll also discuss shopping techniques that will save you from buying clothing destined to clutter your closet. You don’t need any special organizing products, but you do want boxes (or bags) that you can fill with clothing you want to donate or sell.   Sign up here -->

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