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Contact The Library
Telephone: (413) 538-5045
Fax: (413) 539-9250
  • Joseph Rodio : Library Director
  • Rena Lapinski: Head of Circulation
  • Desiree Smelcer: Adult Services Librarian
  • Meg Clancy: Youth Services Librarian
  • Lorraine Ensor: Head of Technical Services
  • Bethany Roberts: Teen Program Coordinator
  • Jennifer Comeau: Administrative Assistant
  • Jody Bachelder: Library Assistant
  • Liz Frosch-Dratfield: Library Technician
  • Erin Pronovost: Library Assistant
  • Linda Manijack: Library Page
  • Jeff Lachowetz: Custodian

Volunteering Opportunities
See Rena Lapinski
Volunteering Application